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St James Park – Development – showyoursupport

Many of you will have heard about Exeter City Football Club’s exciting plans for the partial development of St James Park.
It is hoped that this development will provide a significant improvement in the player and spectator facilities at St James Park. It will also help to secure the Club’s long-term future and allow it to remain a key asset in Exeter’s cultural, economic and sporting life.
The design process is still underway and we have not submitted a planning application yet. But, when we do, we will need to show Exeter City Council that these the plans have a strong level of public support.
As part of this effort, we are excited to launch the Show Your Support service.
Show Your Support is an online campaign forum that makes it easy and simple for Exeter City fans and others to support The St James Park Development. This campaign forum (which can be found by clicking this
link) allows users to make their support known to Exeter City Council with a just few clicks. It also allows users to voice that support at the most effective point in the planning process.
If Exeter City Football Club can demonstrate to the Council that its plans have public support, then the plans stand a much greater chance of being approved. That is why we need your help!
Will you Show Your Support for The St James Park Development by taking part in this campaign?
To get involved and make your voice heard, simply click this link and follow the instructions. All that is required is your name and your email address. We will not pass on your email to any third party organization beyond the development team.
Once you have registered with Show Your Support, you will be given prompts at each particular point in the planning process, when your support will be most effective.
Thank you in advance for any help you can offer in making these plans for St James Park a reality.
Kind regards,

Julian Tagg
Exeter City Football Club
Laurence Overend
Trust Chairman
Exeter City Football Club

P.s – Every single registered supporter for The St James Park Development increases the chances of these improvements occurring. Please click here, and Show Your Support!

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